Aoki Kazuko Garden Gallery Embroidery Certificate Course


Project 1: Wild Daisy Flower Pin Cushion

Project 2: Viola & Mimosa Flower Book Cover

Project 3: Lavender Flower Sachet Pack

Project 4: Tiny Garden

Project 5: Floral Garland

Project 6: Small Garden

* The course should be finished in 12 months from enrolment

* Finished projects will be mailed to Ms Aoki Kazuko in Japan. The certificate will be issued by Ms Aoki Kazuko after the level 6 project is completed.

* The course material set including:

   - Cloth 

   - Aoki Kazuko original linen embroidery thread (all 12 colors)

   - DMC No. 25 embroidery thread (18 colors)

   - DMC No.5 embroidery thread (2 colors)

   - Full scale design paper, tracing paper

   - DVD of Aoki Kazuko teaching video (duration: 60 minutes)

   - Tool set: embroidery needle (No.3-9), embroidery frame (12cm)


Embroidery lessons are available in L'atelier de VC

* Lesson Fees: HK$1600/4 lessons, 2 hours/lesson (lessons are available by appointment only)


Lesson Schedule:

- Tuesday: 12:15pm-9:00pm

- Wednesday: 12:15pm-9:00pm

- Thursday: 6:00pm-9:00pm

- Sunday: 12:15pm-8:00pm


Terms & Conditions:

- All lesson fees & material fees are non-refundable & transferrable. All rights reserved by L’atelier de VC.


This pouch is 20 cms wide by 18 cms high with a large flat base. It is made of 100% red cotton with white polka dots and lined with a delicate pale grey material.  The medallion to be embroidered in cross-stitch uses white Aïda 5.5 point. It is framed and decorated with small pendants in the same colours. Once you have finished the embroidery, you just have to sew on the lovely knot using petit point ; the whole thing is then attached to the front of the workbag. The cross-stitch chart is suitable for beginners. 

The pattern and DMC colour chart are included with the pouch, as well as the nod, the threads and the needle and a guide for newbies.
Made in France.

Aïda kit special beginner «Élise and her dog» Pouch