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项目 2:中提琴和含羞草花书封面



项目 5:花环


* 课程应在入学后 12 个月内完成

* 完成的项目将邮寄给日本的 Aoki Kazuko 女士。 6 级项目完成后,该证书将由 Aoki Kazuko 女士颁发。

* 课程教材包括:

   - Cloth 

   - 青木和子原创亚麻绣花线(全12色)

   - DMC 25号绣花线(18色)

   - DMC No.5绣花线(2色)

   - 全尺寸设计纸,描图纸

   - 青木和子教学视频DVD(时长:60分钟)

   - 工具组:绣花针(3-9号),绣框(12cm)


L'atelier de VC 提供刺绣课程

* 课程费用:HK$1600/4堂,2小时/堂(课程只限预约)



- 周二:12:15 PM - 9:00 PM

- 星期三:12:15 PM - 9:00 PM

- 星期四:下午 6:00 - 晚上 9:00

- 周日:12:15 PM - 8:00 PM



- 所有课程费用和材料费均不可退还和转让。 L'atelier de VC 保留所有权利。


The bag is 29 centimetres high by 25 centimetres wide. It is fully lined with strong, unbleached cotton. A slit has been specially left at the bottom of the lining to allow you access to do the embroidery. You can close this up with petit point when you’ve finished your work. The straps are a delicious raspberry red colour, and there is a clip so the bag can be hung on a hook. The back is made of a thick blue cotton material and the bag also has a zip fastener. To embroider in cross-stitch on 11 count linen. Needle and threads not included. The pattern and DMC colour chart are included with the bag.

Made in France.

Linen « Little House » School bag

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