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项目 2:中提琴和含羞草花书封面



项目 5:花环


* 课程应在入学后 12 个月内完成

* 完成的项目将邮寄给日本的 Aoki Kazuko 女士。 6 级项目完成后,该证书将由 Aoki Kazuko 女士颁发。

* 课程教材包括:

   - Cloth 

   - 青木和子原创亚麻绣花线(全12色)

   - DMC 25号绣花线(18色)

   - DMC No.5绣花线(2色)

   - 全尺寸设计纸,描图纸

   - 青木和子教学视频DVD(时长:60分钟)

   - 工具组:绣花针(3-9号),绣框(12cm)


L'atelier de VC 提供刺绣课程

* 课程费用:HK$1600/4堂,2小时/堂(课程只限预约)



- 周二:12:15 PM - 9:00 PM

- 星期三:12:15 PM - 9:00 PM

- 星期四:下午 6:00 - 晚上 9:00

- 周日:12:15 PM - 8:00 PM



- 所有课程费用和材料费均不可退还和转让。 L'atelier de VC 保留所有权利。


Kazuko Aoki Garden Gallery Embroidery Certificate CourseProject 1: Wild Daisy Flower Pin CushionProject 2: Viola & Mimosa Flower Book CoverProject 3: Lavender Flower Sachet PackProject 4: Flower SamplerProject 5: Floral GarlandProject 6: Small Garden* The course should be finished in 12 months from enrolment* Finished projects will be mailed to Ms Kazuko Aoki in Japan. The certificate will be issued by Ms Kazuko Aoki after the level 6 project is completed.* The course material set including:- Cloth- Kazuko Aoki original linen embroidery thread (all 12 colors)- DMC No. 25 embroidery thread (18 colors)- DMC No.5 embroidery thread (2 colors)- Full scale design paper, tracing paper- DVD of Kazuko Aoki teaching video (duration: 60 minutes)- Tool set: embroidery needle (No.3-9), embroidery frame (12cm)Embroidery lessons: 20 lessons x 2 hours: HK$8,200 (should be completed in 12 months)

日本 Kazuko Aoki「青木和子」刺繡証書課程-材料套裝

  • All lesson fees & material fees are non-refundable & transferrable. All rights reserved by L’atelier de VC.

  • * Please kindly contact us for details.

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