Aoki Kazuko Garden Gallery Embroidery Certificate Course


Project 1: Wild Daisy Flower Pin Cushion

Project 2: Viola & Mimosa Flower Book Cover

Project 3: Lavender Flower Sachet Pack

Project 4: Tiny Garden

Project 5: Floral Garland

Project 6: Small Garden

* The course should be finished in 12 months from enrolment

* Finished projects will be mailed to Ms Aoki Kazuko in Japan. The certificate will be issued by Ms Aoki Kazuko after the level 6 project is completed.

* The course material set including:

   - Cloth 

   - Aoki Kazuko original linen embroidery thread (all 12 colors)

   - DMC No. 25 embroidery thread (18 colors)

   - DMC No.5 embroidery thread (2 colors)

   - Full scale design paper, tracing paper

   - DVD of Aoki Kazuko teaching video (duration: 60 minutes)

   - Tool set: embroidery needle (No.3-9), embroidery frame (12cm)


Embroidery lessons are available in L'atelier de VC

* Lesson Fees: HK$1600/4 lessons, 2 hours/lesson (lessons are available by appointment only)


Lesson Schedule:

- Tuesday: 12:15pm-9:00pm

- Wednesday: 12:15pm-9:00pm

- Thursday: 6:00pm-9:00pm

- Sunday: 12:15pm-8:00pm


Terms & Conditions:

- All lesson fees & material fees are non-refundable & transferrable. All rights reserved by L’atelier de VC.



Join date: May 10, 2022


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Anabolic steroids online shop in india, steroid cycle for lean muscle

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